New Gateway Videos

Check out the new tutorial videos up and running on the Gateway Hook Company Web Site. The videos, by Tightline Productions are beautifully produced and professionally narrated. The Loop ‘N Lock video demonstrates how to tie the “double sliding loop” knot and how the knot interacts with the Gateway eye. The tying video shows the various techniques for tying your favorite pattern on a Gateway hook. We hope you enjoy these new additions to

As fall approaches check out our full inventory of Gateway hook styles and sizes. Customers from New Jersey to Colorado have been tying up hopper patterns on our Hopper/terrestrial hooks with great results. Have a customer tying mouse patterns and large attractor patternsĀ for night fishing, he changesĀ flies by feel so as not to spook the fish with a light. Another from MichiganĀ is tying up salmon patterns. My old standbys,Ā the Para Adams and PMD, size #18 and #16, have been great for small and medium streams throughout Colorado now that the water levels are just about perfect. So when you’re thinking about hooks needed for unique situations or you just want to be able to change flies easily, without the challenges of threading and knot tying, think

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