Revolutionary, Simple, Efficient, and Flexible

Within the Loop ‘N Lock System™ it is the revolutionary design of the Gateway “eye” that is the key to the system’s efficiency and simplicity. The “gateway” of the open eye allows an open loop to be quickly and easily passed into or out of the eye of the hook and the curvature of the eye and “blocker” at the gate opening keeps the closed sliding loop securely attached to the eye of the hook.

Additionally, the gateway width on each hook size has been designed to allow the use of a number of tippet or line sizes with a given hook size. This allows the fisherman maximum flexibility when choosing fly and tippet combinations.

The Gateway “eye” is an incredibly simple and elegant solution to that age-old challenge of having to thread a line through a tiny opening and tie a new knot every time the fisherman wishes to change the fishing attractor. The design of the Gateway “eye” used together with the “double sliding loop” knot allows the fisherman, regardless of fishing experience, to change attractors at any time of the day, regardless of light level, temperature, wind speed, size of the attractor or physical characteristics of the surroundings. Because an attractor with a Gateway “eye” can be changed so easily and quickly regardless of limiting circumstances, using it eliminates any hesitancy the fisherman may have to switch to a new fly.

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