In 2004 the US Patent was issued for a NO-TIE FISHING SYSTEM AND METHOD. In part, the abstract for the Patent reads as follows:

“A no-tie fishing system is provided with a fish attractor having an open eye with a blocker. The eye of a fish attractor is disposed at an end of the shank. The eye includes a distal end disposed adjacent to and spaced from the shank”.

Design of the patented “eye” is wonderfully simple and can be adapted to any existing hook design and used by all fishermen, pursuing any type of fish by way of a fish attractor, across the entire spectrum of experience and knowledge.

The second aspect of the system is use of a sliding loop knot or slip knot to engage the eye with tippet or line. Again, in part the patent reads:

“…, a sliding loop may be formed on one end of the fishing line and reasonably engaged with the eye of the attractor. Combining a sliding loop with an eye incorporating teachings of the present invention substantially eliminates threading fishing line through the eye of a fish attractor and tying the fishing line to the eye of the attractor.”

When using the “System” the recreational beginner, regardless of age or gender, has only one knot to learn in order to change flies!  For the advanced fisherman or professional the time savings and ease of use can add up to more actual fishing time per day.

Additionally, for those fishermen whose sight and dexterity are not what they once were or for those with disabilities that have compromised their sight or physical ability, the Gateway “eye”  and  Loop ‘N Lock System™ opens up years of continued fishing by eliminating the frustrating and sometimes dangerous or impossible act of threading the tippet or line through the eye of a fishing attractor and tying the attractor on the line while in less than ideal situations, light, weather or surroundings.


The Gateway “Eye”  and  Loop ‘N Lock System™

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