“Double Sliding Loop” Knot

The “Double Sliding Loop” Knot:
Quick, Easy, Tested

The “double sliding loop” knot is an integral part of the Loop ‘N Lock System. An old nautical standard, the knot was selected because of its simplicity, ease of tying regardless of line (tippet) diameter, inherent strength, ability to be loosed and snugged down repeatedly and, very importantly, the sliding part of the line does not pinch or cut into the primary (tippet) part of the line when tightened or under stress.

These qualities allow the “double sliding loop” knot to be used time and time again without chafing the primary line or becoming so tight that the knot cannot be slid back up the primary line to release the Gateway hook. Additionally, the tied knot has a short “tag” end that can assist in sliding the knot back using forceps or your teeth if the fisherman’s fingers are cold or the fingernails to short (or for the ladies, too long).

This knot has been in use by the inventor and his friends and associates for over nine years. They have fished (field tested) the knot extensively in fresh water stream, river and lake environments. To our knowledge no fish has ever beaten the knot by dislodging the locked loop from the Gateway Hook. Unintentional release has only occurred by break-off, or a fish successfully slipping from a de-barbed hook. The knot strength to line diameter has been demonstrated by not failing whether being fished using 5X on a size 18 for trout or 2X on a size 6 for steelhead or any combination in between.

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