How It WorksThe Loop ‘N Lock™ Fishing System is the first true “NO-TIE” fishing system. The system has been designed from the ground up to eliminate the need for specialized knowledge and to allow the fisherman, regardless of know how or age, to experience fly fishing using a simple and convenient “NO-TIE” system. The System maintains the leader/fly assembly using a loop to loop system, a sliding loop knot and a revolutionary new eye integrated into traditional fishing hook design.

The hook/tippet relationship segment of the Loop ‘N Lock™ System consists of a Gateway  hook with the patented eye and a “double sliding loop knot”. The sliding loop knot creates a sliding loop at the end of the tippet that is passed through the “gate” of the open eye then tightened down to securely lock the fly on to the end of the tippet.

To change a fly, hold the fly to be replaced upright with your left hand and simply pull the knot or tag of the “double sliding loop” knot back up the tippet  with your right hand using the finger nail of your index finger and your thumb, forceps or your teeth, remove the loop from the eye; pass the loop through the “gate” of the eye of the new fly and tighten down to securely lock the fly on the end of the tippet.  In seconds instead of minutes you have changed your fly without snipping off the old fly, cleaning the eye of the new fly, threading the tippet end through the eye of the new fly, tying on a new fly and snipping off the tag end of the knot.

The tippet/leader relationship is designed to complement the Gateway Hook in simplicity of design and use. The fisherman has two leader/tippet options. The fisherman can use either a Loop N’ Lock Tapered Leader with the “double sliding loop knot” on the fly end or a standard knotted or tapered leader or end tippet on which a “double sliding loop knot” or slip knot is tied on the fly end. Regardless of which leader configuration the fisherman elects to use, the “double sliding loop knot” at the fly end allows for quick, simple fly changes using the Gateway Hook.

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