In the latter 90’s two fishing buddies came to the conclusion that if they were to continue to pursue their favorite pastime, fly fishing, something needed to happen. Because of depreciating eyesight and finger dexterity neither gentleman could comfortably change flies in the field. So, at the local watering hole in the small town of Encampment, Wyoming the idea of the Gateway eye came to life; a bit of hair of the dog, many ideas hotly debated and ultimately, the concepts scratched onto a scrap piece of paper (shown at right).

It was the beginning of an odyssey that was to encompass six years of design tweaking, test fabrication, field testing, legal wrangling and, low and behold, a continued active fishing life for Dean, Jay and their similarly challenged friends.

Field testing of the Loop N’ Lock™ System and Gateway Eye began in 1999. Since then the System has been extensively tested in fresh water stream, river and lake environments. To our knowledge no fish has ever beat the System by dislodging the locked loop from a Gateway Hook. Unintentional release has only occurred by break-off, or a fish successfully throwing a barbless hook. The integrity of the “double sliding loop knot” has been demonstrated time and again by not failing whether being fished using 5X on a size 18 dry or 2X on a size 2 streamer.

Because of the original machinations of two avid fishermen and many hours of work and testing by fishermen, guides, fly tiers and engineers we are able to offer our proven line of Gateway products to you.


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